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Naraka Chaturdashi
Naraka Chaturdashi
Lord Krishna slaying demon Narakasura
Lord Krishna with Satyabhama slaying Narakasura
Naraka Chaturdashi is an important day during Deepavali festivities. In most years it is observed one day before of Lakshmi Puja. Naraka Chaturdashi is the second most important day during Deepavali after Lakshmi Puja day. Hence, the day of Naraka Chaturdashi is also known as Choti Deepavali especially in North Indian states.

In most South Indian states including Tamil Nadu, Choti Deepavali is celebrated as Deepavali and it is the most important day during Deepavali.

Naraka Chaturdashi Origin | Significance
Naraka Chaturdashi is celebrated as the day when Lord Krishna slayed demon Narakasura. As per the legends of Naraka Chaturdashi, Lord Krishna himself took oil bath after killing demon Narakasura during Brahma Muhurat. Hence the day is considered significant to take ritualistic oil bath before the sunrise.

Naraka Chaturdashi Deity(s)
Naraka Chaturdashi Date and Time
The day of Naraka Chaturdashi is decided based on lunar calendar. The day when Chaturdashi Tithi prevails during Brahma Muhurat is considered to observe Naraka Chaturdashi. The period of approximately one hour and sixty minutes just before the sunrise is known as Brahma Muhurat.

As per Purnimanta Hindu calendar -
Krishna Paksha Chaturdashi (14th day) of Kartik (8th month)

As per Amanta Hindu calendar -
Krishna Paksha Chaturdashi (14th day) of Ashwin (7th month)

Naraka Chaturdashi Observance
  • oil bath in early morning
  • Abhyang Snan in Maharashtra
  • adorning with new clothes
  • lighting earthen lamps
  • playing with fireworks
Naraka Chaturdashi Regional Variance
  • Naraka Chaturdashi in North India
    Naraka Chaturdashi is observed as Choti Deepavali in North India. The day is also known as Roop Chaudas and Roop Chaturdashi.

  • Naraka Chaturdashi in Tamil Nadu
    Naraka Chaturdashi is observed as Deepavali in South Indian states especially in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

  • Naraka Chaturdashi in Maharashtra
    The day of Naraka Chaturdashi is popularly known as Abhyang Snan in Maharashtra.
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