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Vedic Jyotish Varshik Rashifal | Yearly Prediction and Horoscope


Varshik Rashifal | Yearly Prediction

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Varshik Rashifal | Yearly Prediction

Rashi Chakra

Rashifal is also known as Rashi Bhavishya, Bhavishyavani, Prediction, Forecast or Horoscope and often spelt as Rasifal or Rashiphal. Varshik Rashifal or Yearly Prediction is the forecast of a complete Gregorian year.

Drik Panchang provides the prediction as per Vedic astrology for the current year as well as previous and next year. Rashifal predition is also categorized as daily, weekly and monthly prediction.

Rashi Adorable god, Rasi planet (lord), Rashi name initials (letters), Rashi stone, Rashi temperament, nature and element (Tatva) is provided on each Rashifal prediction pages. Favourable colour, favourable metal, favourable number, favourable direction and weekdays are also listed for each Rashi.

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