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DeepakMithuna Varshik Rashifal | Gemini Yearly PredictionDeepak

Mithuna Rashi

Mithuna | Gemini


Mithuna Rashifal | Gemini Horoscope

Mithuna Rashi

…know what Panditji predicts for the year.

Health: Your health may suffer a little this year. Saturn aspects first house (Tanu-Bhav) in your chart and after 07 March, Rahu is entering in your sign. Your imbalanced, irregular and unhealthy diet regimen and erratic lifestyle will worsen the condition in gastrointestinal disorders, diabetes and blood pressure. Constant worries about your siblings and family members will affect your mental peace and will cause stress. It would be better for you to live a productive, busy and healthy life. Take your meals regularly on proper time and adopt an organic way of life.

Financial Condition: Till 07 March, Rahu will be in the eleventh house (house of wealth) in your chart which will make you indulgent and materialistic. You will waste money on buying unnecessary things. Extravagance and self-indulgence will cost you not just money but your precious time also. Don’t buy anything on installment or loan. If you are still waiting to retrieve the lent money then keep your efforts going, chances of getting it back are high at the yearend. Expenses on the social and family level are also likely. If you have a strong Saturn in your chart, then your savings and bank-balance will go up.

Business and Career: This year, Saturn, the Lord of Karma aspects tenth house (House of Karma), which indicates your progress on the professional level. Remain cautious during any kind of financial transaction especially while using cheque book and ATM. Do not exceed your limits if you are considering taking a loan. If your business is registered by the name of your life partner, then chances of growth will be high. Jupiter aspects the ‘house of wealth’, which will prove beneficial for the business that is registered on your children’s or a family member’s name. The year is not good for starting a new business partnership. Keep up with the current trends in business and market and adapt your business accordingly.

Family and Social Life: If you expect help and support of your family then you will also have to show your dedication towards them, don’t hesitate in supporting them if the need arises. Think about your social standing before taking any decision. Between 22 March and 07 May, you must keep a restraint on your language or you will end up straining your relations with people or worse, turning them into enemies. Remain cautious of your rivals and adversaries. Try to listen first and then share your opinion after comprehending the situation completely. Instead of running away from people and being aloof, you should try to be more sociable; it will help you grow as an individual and become a social person.

Love Life: Your language and ability to restrain it in provoking situation will largely dictate your married and love life this year. Your wife will scan your every move and the difference in what you say and what you actually do will not go unnoticed. Try to understand your partner and value them to have a blissful married life. Some close relatives may create misunderstandings in your married life. It would be better not to talk about your ex in front of your current partner.

Fairer Sex: The beginning of the year will be positive for females born under this sign, but after March; your health may pose some concerns. Conditions like pain in knees, constipation, indigestion, and heartburn will force you to change some of your habits and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Chronic ailments, lethargy and weakness will trouble you all through the year. Your children will fulfill your financial aspirations. Keep your mind cool to lead a blissful married life, respect your husband and change the way you speak with him. Do not pick fights with other members of the family over petty matters. Working women should divide their time effectively which would allow them to spend some quality time with their family. Try to be happy and keep others happy.

Governmental Position: Do you want to join politics or are you already involved in politics? If you are feeling motivated and the planets in your chart are strong enough then nothing can stop you from achieving success in your pursuits. You must prep-up yourself right from the start of the year. Develop an understanding of the middle-class section of society, carefully listen to their problems and make sincere efforts to solve them. If you are having disputes with anyone then resolve them before 07 March.

Student Life: This year, Jupiter aspects second house in your chart which means that the chances of success in education and competitive examinations are almost certain. Mind-Wandering and sometimes disinclination may be matters of concern, despite this; you will achieve intended success in your endeavours. The time around the starting of the term may cause some level of disappointments, despair and a digression from goals, but this will be temporary. Do not argue unnecessarily with your teachers. Students living in the hostel should maintain genial relations with the roommate and fellow hostellers. Focus on your studies with a cool and positive mind and achieve success.

Summary: Try to turn your focus earnestly on your business and professional life. Journalists, lecturers, preachers, engineers and astrologers will make new associations and become more active on the social level. Politicians will eventually attain their desired position, continue making the efforts. Working professionals will get additional responsibilities at work. Individuals associated with defence and police services will widen their realm of authority and establish a name in their respective domain. Your business partners deserve applause for their resilience in sticking with you as being your partner is one of the toughest things to do. Try not to be too whiny and obstinate, it would be better for your own development.

Precaution: -Keep an organized account of all your expenses through the year, maintain a diary for ease.

-Remain cautious during the latter part of the year, prudently make financial choices.

-Even after putting in the most earnest physical and mental efforts, do not blame yourself or feel despaired for the delay in the outcomes.

-Avoid arguments with your spouse and family members.

-You can’t live attached to one person or a thing for a very long, but try to change your ways for your own good.

-You might not prefer to be in a serious relationship, but still, try to respect the feelings of other people.

-Do not recall or broach the past of your wife to lead a happy married life.

-Keep consulting your doctor if you suffer from diabetes or blood pressure.

Suggestion: -Chant the following Mantra 108 times.

--Donate yellow clothes, chickpea, cow Ghee, a utensil made of gold or Brass, oil, yellow flowers and money (Dakshina) as per your devotion to a Priest on the afternoon of Thursday.

-Keep a peacock feather under your pillow.

-Worship Lord Hanuman and recite Shree Hanuman Chalisa on Saturday evenings.

-Keep Vinayak Chaturthi and Sankat Chaturthi Vrat with your spouse, offer Laddoo Prasad and take the Prasad together.

-Recite one of the following Mantras while performing your daily Pooja-

‘We wish you a year full of health and happiness’

Hreem Devanam Cha Rishinam Cha Gurum Kaanchansannibham।
Buddhibhutam Trilokesham Tam Namami Brahispatim॥
Om Gan Ganpataye Namah।
Vakratundaaya Mahakaaya Suryakoti Samprabha।
Nirvighnam Kuru Me Dev Sarvakaryeshu Sarvada॥

ह्रीं देवानां च ऋषिणां च गुरुं काञ्चनसन्निभम्।
बुद्धिभूतं त्रिलोकेशं तं नमामि बृहस्पतिम्॥

Panditji of Drik Panchang wishes you a happy and prosperous day.

Rashi Lord
बुध | Mercury
Rashi Letters
क, छ, घ | Ka, Chha, Gha
Nakshatra Charana Letters
का, की, कु, घ, ङ, छ, के, को, हा
Kaa, Kee, Ku, Gha, Ing, Chha, Ke, Ko, Haa
Adorable God
श्री गणेश जी
Shri Ganesha Ji
Favourable Color
पीला | Yellow
Favourable Number
3, 6
Favourable Direction
पश्चिम | West
Rashi Metal
चाँदी, सीसा, सोना | Silver, Lead, Gold
Rashi Stone
पन्ना | Emerald
Rashi Favourable Stone
पन्ना, हीरा, नीलम
Emerald, Diamond and Blue Sapphire
Rashi Favourable Weekdays
मंगलवार, बृहस्पतिवार तथा रविवार
Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday
Rashi Temperament
द्विस्वभाव | Dual nature
Rashi Element
वायु | Air
Rashi Nature
सम | Even

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